Tennis Court Crack Fillers And Levelers

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  • CrackLastic Colored Flexible Crack Filler For Small...

    Finally a pre-colored, flexible, tennis court crack filler.  Do you need to fill minor cracks on you tennis court but are not ready to resurface?  CrackLastic allows you to fill the cracks using a flexible, colored, product that most closely matches your existing court color (s).  Crackspan is available in all 10 of our EnviroCoat tennis...

  • TruPatch Multi-Purpose Tennis Court Patch Compound

    TruPatch  is a premixed, almost ready to use, Latex Cement tennis court Patchng Compound.  You can use TruPatch right out of the oail for small dings and pits in the court surface and in cracks less than 1/4" wide.  For larger patches and wider, deeper cracks add a little portland cement (5 parts TruPatch to 1 part portland), stir and...

  • SuperPatch Kit Ready-To-Use Tennis Court Patching Kit

    SUPER PATCH KIT is a ready-to-use combination of high strength acrylic bonding polymer, and portland cement mixed with Silica Sand for patching asphalt and concrete tennis courts with cracks larger than 1/8” and depression up to 1" deep. SUPER CRACK PATCH enables patches to set rapidly (6 - 12 hours). Sold in 5 Gallon pails. Crack Filling Video...

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  • SuperPatch Tennis Court Patch Binder

    Tennis court patching can be easy if you have the right product.  SUPER PATCH BINDER is a high strength acrylic bonding liquid designe for mixing with Cement and Silica Sand or “sand mix” cement.  It is used to patch: cracks, low areas, and other surface irregularities on concrete and asphalt tennis Courts. SuperPatch patches set...

  • Deep Patch For Small Deep Court Patches

    DeepPatch is an acrylic polymer modified, cementous patching compound, designed to dry up to 2 inches thick overnight. DeepPatch works equally well on asphalt or concrete tennis courts. Just add 1/2 part water + 1/2 part latex polymer (included) to 3 parts DeepPatch, stir until mixture is homogenous, and apply. Crack Filling Video Patching Video DeepPatch...

  • V-Shaped Crack Filling Squeegee W/O Handle

    Do you have a lot of cracks to fill?  This V-Shape crack filling squeegee will fill them 10 times faster than a towel or flexible knife. And, the best part, you fill them while standing up. Save your kness, your back, and a lot of time. Standard tapered wooden handle not included.Crack Filling Video Demonstrating The Use Of This Tool

  • 36" Coating Application Squeegee

    This is the tool that professional surfacing technicians use to apply EnviroCoat, EnviroCushion, and EnviroFill coatings as well as small patches. Tennis Court Surfacing Video Using A Squeegee

  • Tapered Wooden Handle For Our V-Squeegees

    Tapered wooden handle for our v-squeegee (60" long). This handle is also readily available at your local hardware store.