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  • EnviroCoat Super Concentrate Tennis Court Paint (Color...

    Are you interested in lowering your material and shipping costs.  Why pay us, or anyone else,  to ship sand and water?  EnviroCoat Super Concentrate Tennis Court Paint (Color Coating) Kit Saves 20% on coating cost and 60% On Shipping.  Tennis Court Surfacing VideoEnviroCoat Super Concentrate Calculator  EnviroCoat Color...

  • Silica Sand For EnviroCoat (80 - 90 Mesh)

    Silica Sand For EnviroCoat (80 - 90 Mesh)  

  • EnviroFill Super Concentrate Tennis Court Base Coat...

    EnviroFill Super Concentrate Tennis Court Base Coat Resurfacer.  Big Savngs.  Why pay us to ship sand and water. Our revolutionary innovation in sport surface technology now lets you  acheive all of the benefits of EnviroFill Acrylic Resurfacer without the high expense of shipping sand and water. Super Concentrate Mixing Video...

  • Silica Sand For EnviroFill Super Concentrate (65 Mesh)

    65 Mesh Silica Sand For EnviroFill Acrylic Resurfacer Super Concentrate. 

  • EnviroBond Concrete Adhesion Promoter

    EnviroBond is an acrylic latex bonding agent which is applied over exposed concrete prior to application of surface coatings. It is not necessary for previously painted concrete or asphalt. Yield 1 - 5 gal. pail covers 1500 sq. ft. of concrete  EnviroBond Calculator EnviroBond Specification Sheet

  • 36" Coating Application Squeegee

    This is the tool that professional surfacing technicians use to apply EnviroCoat, EnviroCushion, and EnviroFill coatings as well as small patches. Tennis Court Surfacing Video Using A Squeegee

  • 24" Masking Paper

    Masking paper is used to prevent squeegeeing color coatings onto one area (i.e. the in-bounds) while coating another area (i.e. the out-of-bounds).  Use 2" masking tape to adhere the paper to the surface. 

  • 2" Masking Tape For Taping Masking Paper

    If you are taping down masking paper, this is the best tape to use.  Our tape has all the characteristics required:  It has strong adhesion, minimizing paint bleeding, yet is easy to pull up after 6 hours without leaving glue residue on the court surface. If tape is left on the court surface for more than 12 hours some glue residue may be left...