Frequently Asked Questions

 Is your tennis court paint textured? -  Yes, while you can special order coatings without sand, they are typically textured with a very fine sand.

Can you make special colors? We can make special colors.  If you will mail us a color chip of the color you need, we will match it as closely as possible.  We will quote the price after receiving chip.

How much court paint does it take to coat one tennis court?A full size court measuring 60" x 120" will need 15 pails of EnviroCoat Ready to Use tennis court paint per coat.  If you plan to use two colors, you will need 5 pails for the inbounds and 8 pails for the out of bounds, per coat.  We recommend at least two coats.
If your court is rough or new asphalt you should a coat of EnviroFill before the EnviroCoat color-coatings.  On average you will use 24 pails of EnviroFill.

With concrete patching we have done for larger cracks, do these areas have to be etched with phosphoric acid prior to applying the primer coat?  -  If you used regular concrete to patch the large cracks, then yes, it would be a good idea to etch them before applying the color coating.  If you have not yet patched these larger cracks, let us know.  We would recommend adding some latex (SuperPatch Binder) to your concrete mix.  It will eliminate the need for etching and will also make the patches much less brittle.

What type if tools are used to apply the tennis court coatings?  Is it like normal patching and painting or do I need to consider special tools?  One very helpful tool for applying the court coatings and certain smaller patches is a squeegee.  You can find ours under "Surfacing Tools".  Another specialty tool, great for patching low areas on your court, is our Patching Straightedge With Handle, found on the same page.

The CrackLastic has dried slightly lower than the edge of the cracks, creating a small dip in each of the cracks.  Will the color coating be able to fill in the crack enough to make it level or do I need to put on another layer of CrackLastic?You should not count on the color to fill these small dips.  It often takes a second application of CrackLastic.  This slight dip is due to shrinkage (evaporation of the water in the product) as CrackLastic dries.

Is there sand in your coating?Yes, the coatings are approximately 20% sand.

Is the EnviroFill resurfacer similar to a "sealcoat" that is typically applied to asphalt? No, Sealcoat products are not compatible with tennis court coatings.  EnviroFill Resurfacer and EnviroCoat are 100% acrylic.  EnviroFill also contains heavy cellulosic fibers to fill the asphalt surface and minor roughness in patches.

Can we use concrete to patch cracks and low areas?  -  No, concrete is too brittle.  You must add a special latex to concrete to keep it from cracking and breaking away.  Our SuperPatch is a special latex polymer modified cement designed for typical patches on tennis and basketball courts.