Does Your Court Need A Resurfacer Base Coat?

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We'll cover the techniques for applying a Resurfacer base coat in another article. For now, let's discuss whether or not your court needs a base coat. A Resurfacer base coat has one function and one function only, to fill rough areas on your court surface. It is not used in the same way a base coat on a wall would be used. It is not a primer for better adhesion, or a base for better color development of the final paint coats.

If you are applying color-coatings over new asphalt, old rough asphalt, or a court that has a large percentage of the surface covered with patches, you will need at least one coat of EnviroFill Resurfacer. EnviroFill Resurfacer works better than the color-coatings in these situations for two reasons: It is specifically designed for filling and it is a little cheaper than the EnviroCoat color-coatings. Substituting expensive pigments (in color-coatings) with heavy fibers and other fillers, EnviroFill has twice the filling qualities and cost about 10% less.

You, most likely, will not need Resurfacer if your tennis court already has a painted surface largely intact, or if you are applying court coatings on new or unpainted concrete.