A few years after entering the tennis court construction industry in 1978, we began to notice tennis court coatings and patching products were declining in quality a little each year, due to competitive pricing pressures on both contractors and coating manufacturers.  Contractors feeling forced to lower prices and cut quality to remain competitive demanded their suppliers lower, or at least hold, their prices.  As raw material prices rose each year, there were only two ways the manufacturers could accomplish this without losing money:  they had to reduce the quantities of the ingredients in their coating formulas or substitute them with cheaper ingredients.  

This phenomenon finally came to a head at our tennis court construction company in 1985.  We were using coating products made by the most prestigious tennis court coatings manufacturer in the industry.  They boasted the distinction of being the official surface of "The blank Open", a title I believe they still hold today.   This is what happened.  One afternoon I was showing some of our work to a couple interested in building a court at their home.  I decided to take them to a court built by our best crew and surfaced with the prestigious company’s coatings just 6 months earlier.  This court was an absolute picture of perfection the day it was completed. 

As we drove up to the court I thought I was hallucinating.  I was absolutely floored.  The beautiful rich dark green coating had faded to a light greenish gray.  The surface literally looked 10 years old.  Needless to say, my prospects were more than a little surprised as well.  That day I knew we eventually had to learn how to manufacture our own coatings.  Our status as guinea pig for coating manufacturer's tinkering with their formulas to lower their costs would have to end.

It was a long time coming, but by 1998 we perfected a rich, tough sport coating for our tennis court company that was far superior to anything on the market.  Amazingly, after 5 years of wear and tear, it looked almost as vibrant as the day we applied it.  What was our great secret?  We actually put the quantities of pigments, latex polymers, and other ingredients the chemist told us would work.  We didn't skimp on anything.  It was that simple.  Even though it was a little more expensive, we knew we were giving our customers a superior job that would hold no surprises for us, or them, after completion.

Knowing how well our coatings performed, year after year, we were curious to see if they might be appreciated by court owners who expected a good looking court surface many years beyond a contractor’s one year warranty.  So, in 2002, we started a website offering our products to court owners and do-it-yourselfers all over the world.  The rest is history. The demand was so great we eventually phased out our construction division and started devoting full time to tennis court coating manufacturing for do it yourselfers.

We love working with court owners.  There is nothing more rewarding than hearing the excitement and pride in a customer's voice after they realize what they have accomplished.  So many of our customers tell us they believe they actually did a better job than a contractor would have because they took extra time and care to make their court perfect.  Our customers appreciate our environmentally safe, easy to use coatings packaged in manageable 5 gallon pails (with the sand already added).  I know they value our 3 year product warranty, since all other manufacturers only offer one year.

Over the years we have learned another very important lesson: while surfacing a tennis court is not rocket science, it's not fingerpainting either.  You will likely be doing this type of work for the first time.  We understand you will need a little, or maybe a lot of help as you get into your court surfacing or resurfacing.  To help you with your project we provide a comprehensive set of instructions emailed when you place your order.  But, the heart of our support system is unlimited phone and Skype consulting 7 days a week.  In addition, we offer hands-on training seminars and on-site instruction at your facility.

Our primary mission is to make your surfacing project as stress free as possible and the finished court look like it was done by a professional.  We believe customer support is every bit as important as a great product.  Let us help you with your next court project.   Give us a call today and let's talk tennis courts.

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