Why The Court Store is your best choice for tennis court products

Try to imagine a pallet load of tennis court paint and patching products sitting next to your court, purchased from a company with no support system in place to help when you have questions or issues. Trust us, you WILL have questions and issues, and they will likely arise when you are in the middle of the work. And yes, especially Saturdays and Sundays. Tennis court repair and surfacing is not "Rocket Science", but you will avoid a lot of stress and costly mistakes if you have an expert at the other end of your cell phone when you need help. Our technical support experts are on-call 7 days a week to help you with all issues as they arise. As one of our customers, this personal support is FREE and UNLIMITED.

INSTRUCTIONS TAILORED TO YOUR PROJECT: Upon receiving your order we will send detailed instructions and videos tailored to your project, some of which are not available to the public. Our primary mission is your success.

TRAINING AT YOUR LOCATION OR OURS: We have a limited availability of experts who will travel to your project for hands on training.  Call to check availability and schedule training at your court.

PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD: At first glance, our low prices may arouse concern about the quality of our products. You deserve an explanation. Our prices are low because we actually manufacture the court surfacing and repair products we sell. The companies with prices much higher are resellers who buy from manufacturers and then add their mark-ups to arrive at your price. Even a slim mark up will add 30% to the price. We have no middleman mark-ups. It's that simple.  You won't get better products when you buy from these resellers at their higher prices.  You will just overpay.

PREMIUM PRODUCTS, 3 YEAR WARRANTY:  All of our court paint and repair products are environmentally friendly, premium quality. We use only the best pigments and acrylic polymers, in high concentrations, to ensure your court will have a durable, richly colored sport surface for many years, regardless of your climate conditions. Our concentrates allow a dilution rate of a full 50%. Our Super Concentrate coatings have a dillution rate of 200%.  We are the only sport coating manufacturer in the industry that stands behind its products with a 3 year warranty. In addition, all of our products are engineered to be D.I.Y. friendly.

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