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  • Deep Patch For Small Deep Court Patches

    DeepPatch is an acrylic polymer modified, cementous patching compound, designed to dry up to 2 inches thick overnight. DeepPatch works equally well on asphalt or concrete tennis courts. Just add 1/2 part water + 1/2 part latex polymer (included) to 3 parts DeepPatch, stir until mixture is homogenous, and apply. Crack Filling Video Patching Video DeepPatch...

  • Repair Small Court Cracks - CRACKLASTIC IN 10 COLORS

    If you have narrow tennis court cracks and are not planning  a full court paint job this year,our CrackLastic elastomeric tennis court crack filler is your best option. The most flexible of our court crack filling products, CrackLastic is designed to stretch and contract with small movements of...

  • Platinum Series (3.5 mm Double Net Body) Tennis Net (5...

    The Platinum Series. Our Finest Tennis Net. Top 7 Rows Double Net Body for added strength. Finest materials and workmanship available in any 3.5 net of this kind. Available in Vinyl or Polyester Headband & Bottom Tape. Headband: 2.5” wide, 6 rows interlocking UV protected stitching, double layered and tucked. Headband and bottom tape are specifically...

  • Mixing Paddle For 5 Gallon Pails

    Most of our coatings and patch materials are concentrated, sand filled products requiring mixing with water on-site. This paddle attached to a drill will make mixing your 5 and 1 gallon pails of paint fast and easy.  

  • EnviroCushion II Heavy Rubberized Underlayment

    EnviroCushion II Course Cushion Under-Coating, the ultimate in playing comfort, is a 100% latex emulsion mixed with large (.5mm to 1mm) rubber granules. It is applied with a rubber sqeegee in multiple layers, creating a rubberized resilient (cushion) under-layer on which to apply EnviroCushion I and the EnviroCoat color-coatings. Sold in 5 , 30, and 55...

  • For Crisp Non-Slip Lines - ENVIROLINE (In Bright White...

    EnviroLine Ultra-White, and 12 other colors, Line Paint is a textured, 100% acrylic All-Weather line paint, specifically designed for striping sport and recreational surfaces such as; tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, jogging paths and play areas. EnviroLine is formulated to match the texture of EnviroCoat color-coatings, ensuring even ball...

  • EnviroFill Concentrate With Sand Tennis Court Resurfacer...

    EnviroFill Concentrate With Sand Tennis Court Resurfacer Base Coating in 5 gal. pails, 30 gal. kegs, and 55 gal. drums.  EnviroFill  fills the porosity of new asphalt and other rough or pitted surfaces. 1 gal. covers 50 to 150 sq. ft., based on surface texture. EnviroFill 5 Gal. Calculator EnviroFill Specification Sheet

  • Repair Larger Court Cracks - SUPERPATCH KIT

    SuperPatch Kit is a perfect all-in-one product for filling court cracks (1/8" or wider), and patching tennis courts with rough or low areas. The SuperPatch Kit includes 40 lbs. of sand/cement mixture and 1.5 gallons of latex polymer Super Patch Binder. This is the system professionals use for all tennis court patching.  We sell it in kit form for...

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  • 24" Coating Application Squeegee

    This is the tool that professional surfacing technicians use to apply EnviroCoat, EnviroCushion, and EnviroFill coatings as well as small patches.  The 24" squeegee is recommended for surfacing jobs smaller than 2000 sq. ft.Tennis Court Surfacing Video Using A Squeegee

  • EnviroFill Super Concentrate Tennis Court Base Coat...

    EnviroFill Super Concentrate Tennis Court Base Coat Resurfacer.  Big Savngs.  Why pay us to ship sand and water. Our revolutionary innovation in sport surface technology now lets you  acheive all of the benefits of EnviroFill Acrylic Resurfacer without the high expense of shipping sand and water. Super Concentrate Mixing Video...

  • Classic Adjustable Net Center Strap

    Classic Adjustable Center Strap: Non-slip reverse web slide with double ended snap. Constructed of Heavy duty 2" polyester white web, nickel plated web slides and snaps.

  • Line Taping Machine Rental

    Line your court like the Pros with ease, and cut your labor by 90%.  Rent one of our line taping machines.  The tape machine rents for $311.95 per week but we ask that you pay a deposit of $471.95. We will refund any balance due upon return of the machine. Video Demonstrating How To Use The tape machine

  • CrackSpan Poly5000

    CrackSpan Poly5000 Crack Patcher is a cementous latex crack filling compound specifically designed for filling cracks prior to the installation of the CrackSpan membrane overlay system.  It is a fast setting expansive product that pushes hard against the walls of the crack as it dries, reducing subterranean moisture intrusion. CrackSpan Specification Sheet

  • EnviroCoat Concentrate With Sand Color Coating 30 Gallon...

    EnviroCoat Concentrate With Sand Color Coating in 30 Gallon Drums (Color Chooser). Concntrated tennis court textured color-coating made easy for the do it yourselfer. 1 - 30 gal. drum of EnviroCoat will cover 4500 sq. ft. per coat  Tennis Court Surfacing Video EnviroCoat CalculatorEnviroCoat Specification Sheet

  • Mixing Paddle For 55 Gallon Drums

    If you will be mixing your coatings in a 55 gallon drum, this is the paddle you need. Its 36" shaft is long enough to keep your drill out of the mix and the mixing fins are aggressive enough to thoroughly blend the heaviest coatings.  This paddle also works well for mixing our Super Concentrate Coatings.

  • 24" Masking Paper

    Masking paper is used to prevent squeegeeing color coatings onto one area (i.e. the in-bounds) while coating another area (i.e. the out-of-bounds).  Use 2" masking tape to adhere the paper to the surface. 

  • Pro-1 Economy Polyethylene Windscreen 120' Roll

    PRO-1 Economy Windscreen is made of polyethylene with grommets, every 12", along all sides, greater support. UV stabilized. It comes in 120 foot rolls, ready cut to each fence panel width. Shade factor: 73%. 

  • Breakaway Ty-Wraps (Bag of 100)

    These self-locking straps are the most efficient and popular method of installing windscreen. They break if the wind becomes too strong, potentially saving the fence and windscreen from damage. They are made of black, UV treated nylon. 7 1/2"" long, 50lb breaking strength.  

  • EnviroCoat Ready-To-Use Tennis Court Paint (Color...

    EnviroCoat Ready-To-Use Tennis Court Paint (Color Chooser) in 55 Gallon Drums-. Convenient, textured color-coating made easy for the do it yourselfer.  Yield - 1 - 55 gallon druml will cover 11,000 sq. ft. when rolled on or 5,500 sq. ft. when applied with a squeegee, per coat. Tennis Court Surfacing VideoEnviroCoat Calculator EnviroCoat Specification Sheet

  • Line Taping Machine Purchase

    Line your court like the Pros with ease, and cut your labor by 90%.  As you roll this simple little machine along  a string-line or the edge of an existing line, it lays two strips of masking tape exactly 2" apart. Then all you have to do is paint inside the masked area.  If you are purchasing $500.00 or more of our other products the price of this...

  • Line Taping Machine Rental For Customers Purchasing At...

    This is a special deal for our surface coating customers only.  The tape machine rents for $211.95 per week.  The rental deposit is $411.95.  When you return the machine we will deduct the appropriate fee from your deposit and refund the balance.  It takes less than a minute to lay two strips of tape for a 78 foot singles or doubles line.Video...

  • Reusable Plastic C-Snaps (100 Count)

    These C-Snaps can rapidly attach windscreen and are reusable! Ideal for seasonal applications. They can easily and quickly be added or removed and are also suited for hanging divider netting. Color: Black. 2 5/8"" long. 

  • Patch Low Areas And Other Irregularities - TRUPATCH

    TRUPATCH is a commercial grade, multi-purpose latex compound to be mixed with Portland cement, for patching low areas and other irregularites on your tennis court. Areas deeper than 1/4" should be patched in multiple lifts, not to exceed 1/4".  Add 1 part portland cement to 5 parts TruPatch. Yield: 100 square feet of patches (1/8" deep) per 5...

  • Polypropylene Windscreen Closed-Mesh (Priced Per Lineal Ft.)

    95% Opacity. Closed-Mesh Lathe-Leno Polypropylene Windscreen. Strongest material available in those areas where higher winds demand a durable solution. The UV stablilazation in this product does not hold up as well as in VCP product. Sold in custom cut lengths  Call for assistance.Two year limited warranty!