CrackSpan Permanent Crack Repair KitCrackSpan Permanent Crack Repair Kit

CrackSpan Permanent Crack Repair Kit

Stop wasting time filling cracks, only to watch them return every year. Cover them permanently with CrackSpan. CrackSpan allows the crack to move under a tough,...

CrackSpan Kit


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Each CrackSpan kit comes with enough Poly5000 Crack Patcher, Soft coat, CrackSpan Membrane, Bond Coat, and Shell Top Coat (enough for 1 coat) products to repair 300 lineal feet of cracks, 1/2" wide. Instructions are also included. Note: Any Acrylic Resurfacer may be used to cover the CrackSpan System with additional coats. The system should be covered with 2 to 3 coats of Shell Coat or other Resurfacer.

CrackSpan installation video. More information.