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Tennis court painting (surfacing) is not rocket science, but it's not FINGER PAINTING either.  Ensure your success by relying on The Court Store to steer you through the process.

We are the only tennis court paint (surface) and repair experts available 7 days a week to help you through your court project. See what some of our customers have to say about  their experience with us.

Tennis Court Painting and Repair Resources


Our DIY tennis court painting, resurfacing, and patching resources:  Visit our library of instructional articles and videos for the information you need to understand every aspect of your tennis court painting, resurfacing, and patching project. For "How-To" Information Visit these helpful pages:  DIY Resources, Videos and Information

5 Easy Steps to Resurface An Existing Tennis Court Or Paint A New One

 Step 1 - Planning For Your Tennis Court Painting and Resurfacing:  As with all do it yourself projects, the first step in a tennis court resurfacing, or new court painting project, is planning.  Proper inspection of your court, and recording your findings will help you devise a clear plan of attack.
Learn how to inspect and record your surfacing and/or resurfacing needs

 Step 2 - Preparing Exposed Concrete Court For Surfacing:  Concrete is a fantastic substrate for a tennis court surface.  It is stronger than asphalt and virtually ageless if properly built.  It is, however, a bit quirky when it comes to getting tennis court coatings to stick to it well. If you follow the steps we lay out, to the letter, you will have no adhesion issues.  Skip or cut corners on any one of them and you will have a nightmare on your hands.
Instructions for the proper preparation of concrete for surfacing 

View EnviroBond Concrete Adhesion Promoter

Step 3 - Patching Tennis Court:  Before surfacing a tennis court, patching low areas holding water for more than an hour and repairing any cracks are important preparatory steps.  Low areas holding water, will eventually develop mold which can create a slip hazard to players and eventually degrade the court color coating. Cracks, left unaddressed allow debree, vegetation, water intrusion, causing them to widen each year. Our inspection instructions linked above will help you determine what materials will be needed for patching.  Our links below will show you how to repair them.

How to patch low areas

Instructional Patching Video

Patching products 

How to fill cracks

Instructional Crack Filling Video

Crack Fillers and Leveler Products

CrackSpan Permanent Crack Repair System

CrackSpan Instructional Installation Video

CrackSpan Products

Step 4 - Applying Tennis Court Paint (Surfacing, Coatings):  Applying the court coatings, also referred to as tennis court paint, is the icing on the cake, transforming your court from an ugly old eyesore, or a plain concrete or asphalt slab, into a bright colorful sport surface.  The links below to articles and videos will teach you how to perform this very important and rewarding step.
Does Your Court Surface Need Primer Or Filler Coats

Should You Roll or Squeegee The Color Coatings

Instructions for applying Tennis Court Paint With A Squeegee

Instructions for applying Tennis Court Paint With A Roller

 Step 5 - Measuring, Taping And Painting Tennis, Basketball and Pickleball Court Lines:  This final Step is probably the easiest, even though many people expect it to be the hardest.  We will show you, in the links below, a step by step process to easily line your court.
Step by Step Instructions for Installing Tennis Court Lines

Step by Step Instructions for Installing Basketball Court Lines

 Our Tennis Court Paint and Patching Tip Blog


Why The Court Store Is Your Best Choice For Tennis Court Painting, Resurfacing And Repair Products


Try to imagine a pallet load of tennis court paint and patching products sitting next to your court, purchased from a company with no support system in place to help when you have questions or issues. Trust us, you WILL have questions and issues, and they will likely arise when you are in the middle of the work. And yes, especially Saturdays and Sundays. Our court surfacing and repair experts are on-call 7 days a week to provide real-time instruction and help you avoid costly, stressful, mistakes.  'Click here for the full list of Court Store benefits waiting for you'

What Our Customers Have to Say About Us


Peggy Bucher - Thanks again for leading me through this crazy project. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do. I will be calling you in seven years. 

Tom Garner - Thank you to Mark Montemayor and The Court Store for meeting and exceeding all my expectations with your tennis court prepping and painting products and expertise! I recommend you at the highest level for all who are contemplating a tennis court painting project! 

Read more testimonials and see pictures of many of their completed court surfacing projects!

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