Water Removers

Water Removers

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Squeegees, and Sponge Rollers Of all Types. Also Refills and Accessories.
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  • Miracle Dri PVA Complete Roller Unit

    The Miracle Dri Roller Unit is our signature roller unit. Miracle Dri has a sturdy aluminum frame and aluminum housing.  You will not find a better roller unit in the industry when it comes to value and quality.  

  • Miracle Dri PVA Replacement Roller

    Miracle Dri PVA replacement roller for water removal unit. Wears well. Hard when dry. Chamois-like when wet. 

  • The Dolphin Sport Surface Absorbing Roller

    The Dolphin Sport Surface Absorbing Roller takes care of total water removal by lifting water off the court using an ingenious collection system that holds up to 14 gallons at a time in the center of the porous barrel where it can be held and later emptied off the court. Perfect for courts that tend to puddle in low areas. Can be used on both hard and...