Our tennis court paint is sold in three forms: Concentrate with sand, Ready-To-Use, and Super Concentrate. Mixing each of these product lines is slightly different so we will detail all three:

Ready-To-Use: Our Ready-To-Use tennis court paint (coating) products, EnviroCoat and EnviroFill, come in 5 gallon pails. When you recieve these products you will notice a label on the lid of each pail that says, "Add 1-1/2 gallons water and mix thoroughly.  You may ask, if this product is ready to use, why do I have to add water?  We discovered that when all the water is added at the plant, over time the sand slowly settles to the bottom of the pail, making it hard to stir it back into the mix.  Making the product thicker by leaving some of the water out keeps the sand suspended for the life of the product (1 year).  After adding the water on-site it takes about 15 seconds to stir it into the mix.  All paint has to be stirred before applying and it takes a lot longer to stir hard-settled sand from the bottom of the bucket.  You should use a 1/2" electric drill and a paint mixing paddle to stir each pail until homogeneous.

 Concentrate With Sand: EnviroCoat and EnviroFill also come in a concentrated form we call, "Concentrate With Sand". One 5 gallon pail of Concentrate With Sand gives you 7.5 gallons of mix, as  opposed to 5 gallons of mix from a pail of Ready-To-Use.  Always mix all concentrate with sand product before splitting or emptying the pails. Over time the ingredients begin to separate slightly. Once you have mixed the concentrate with a drill powered paddle, split it evenly with an empty five gallon pail. Make sure the two pails have as close to the same amount of paint as possible. Add 1 to 1-1/4 gallons of water and stir until the mixture is homogenous. Once you have mixed the number of pails you need, it's a good practice to pour them back and forth among each other a couple of times. This process, named "Boxing" in the paint industry, ensures consistent color and thickness of all the pails used for the coat.

Super Concentrate: EnviroCoat and EnviroFill Super Concentrate are the same high quality products as thier Ready-To-Use and Concentrate With Sand counterparts described above, with one very big difference: WEIGHT. Super Concentrate products have 75% less shipping and transportation weight. You add water and sand on the job so you don't pay premium prices for these inexpensive (or free) locally availble products. For more detail go to this link for a video demonstrating how to mix Super Concentrate:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOBDd6X3_t4.