Tom Garner,
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Thank you to Mark Montemayor and The Court Store for meeting and exceeding all my expectations with your tennis court prepping and painting products and expertise! I recommend you at the highest level for all who are contemplating a tennis court painting project! 

After 2 years of intensive tennis play and frequent off-label use as a skateboarding training center, my tennis court remains in perfect condition. I cannot find a single speck of paint that has turned loose on the court, rebound wall, storage room or viewing platform. The results have been so impressive that I recently contacted The Court Store about providing Envirobond and acrylic paints for other non-sporting concrete construction that I am completing. I have never before seen paint perform at this level and endure this much abuse without failure.


The Britain Family

As you can see we are already enjoying the finished court.  We are out there four days a week with the kids and weather permitting several days just the two of us.  I hope you can include several pictures of the court because the finished court is impressive and we can attest to the fact that doing it yourself (with your help) can work!!!! Thanks again for all your help and advice.  Jim and Dr Judi 


Peggy Bucher, Indiana

Thanks again for leading me through this crazy project. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do. I will be calling you in seven years. Peggy



Christian Smith's Premium Cushioned Pickleball Court In Oregon



Phillip Eder , Anderson Hills Woodridge Point HOA

I am working on my story and to provide you with pictures of before, during and after the job was completed on our tennis court. People have been out playing about every day... even with the temperatures in the upper 90s and low 100s that we have been witnessing here in Alabama. Thanks again for all of your help both in phone discussions and the videos on your website, along with great products, made all the difference in making the project a complete success.


McCarren Tennis Center, New York, NY

Hey mark, we finally finished our resurfacing project this afternoon and everything looks amazing! i just wanted to thank you again for all your help, we couldn't have done it without you. the before and after pictures are attached, and if you want to see the whole photo set, here's the link...http://www.flickr.com/photos/mccarrentennis/sets/72157623911519253/show/



The Brandon Sports and Aquatics Center (BSAC), Brandon Florida



Christopher Michael Dotts, Harry L. Coomes Tennis Center.  

If you would like some before and after photos it's looking great!



Keith Johnson, Poulsbo WA

 Our court is successfully redone! It has already had two weeks of hard use. Four grandkids, their parents, two dogs, and moments I can find have put the court to great use. Thank you for your prompt and patient responses to our various inquiries. Your instructions, webpage, and materials were ideal for our home court project. We could not be more pleased with the result.


Parke Johnson, Cabo San Lucas

 Hi Mark: I thought you might want to see our 2 club courts out in the middle of nowhere.(The 3rd court is privately owned, but also in the middle of nowhere.) We finished one court yesterday and it went pretty well. We learned a couple of things that will make the next two easier and maybe a little better... We ended up putting 3 coats of blue and 2 of green and were very satisfied with your products. hope all is well, take care, Parke



 Jack Zhang 

Thank you for an extensive consultation on phone with you about the process of resurfacing my court. You provided detailed answers to how to prepare my court surface and use a resurfacer although I bought it from a big-box store. The problems were I have no experience about the product and the manufactureer staff has no direct knowledge about applying them in field until I got a bad result. With your help I will try again. For home owners technical support is more important than a good coating material.


Marguerite Haines, Chapin SC

 Hi, Mark, First, let me thank you for coming to Chapin to help my husband and me with the fence poles. I hope you got some good footage. I know we have learned a lot from the experience. Second, I've got great news...we have completed the process of installing the fence poles, and you will, I think, be very pleased with the job we have done. I swear I could shoot an arrow from one end of the court and it would make a hole straight through every subsequent one and come out the far end!!!


Ernst Imoberdorf, St. Kitts

 Hello Mark, You might remember that in February I have purchased some material for resurfacing a tennis court in St. Kitts, West Indies. Everything went according to plan and the members of the tennis club enjoy again a near perfect court.