Does Your Court Need A Resurfacer Base Coat Or A Concrete Adheshion Promoter?



We'll cover the techniques for applying a Resurfacer base coat and concrete adhesion promoter in another article. For now, let's discuss whether or not your court needs either one of these products.

A Resurfacer base coat has one function and one function only, to fill rough areas on your court surface. It is not used in the same way a base coat on a wall would be used. It is not a primer for better adhesion, or a base for better color development of the final paint coats.  If you are applying color-coatings over new asphalt, old rough asphalt, or a court that has a substantial percentage of the surface covered with patches, you will need at least one coat of EnviroFill Resurfacer. EnviroFill Resurfacer works better than the color-coatings in these situations for two reasons: It is specifically designed for filling and it is a little cheaper than the EnviroCoat color-coatings. Substituting expensive pigments (in color-coatings) with heavy fibers and other fillers, EnviroFill has twice the filling qualities and cost about 10% less. You, most likely, will not need Resurfacer if your tennis court already has a painted surface largely intact, or if you are applying court coatings on new or unpainted concrete.

A concrete adhesion promoter also has only one function: to aid in the adhesion of any acrylic resurfacer, cushion or color coatings to exposed concrete, new or old.  If your concrete is not exposed, adhesion promoter is unnecessary.  It is recommended you acid etch exposed conrete, new or old before apply an adhesion promoter.  Click here for the full article.