Since the first hard tennis court was built we have been filling tennis court cracks with everything from cement to rubber, only to have them relentlessly re-appear.  Until recently, there have been only  three options: live with the tennis court cracks reappearing every Winter, re-fill them every year or two, or perform some kind of major reconstruction.  This has been equally frustrating for tennis court owners and contractors.  Finally, there is a fourth option.  A long-term tennis court crack repair system that doesn't fight the structural movement of the court slab around the cracked areas.  CrackSpan is a patented system that covers the crack and surrounding court area with a flexible, yet tough, membrane that stretches and contracts with the movement of the slab.  The cracks are still opening and closing a little, but the movement just doesn't reflect through the membrane.  

How Does CrackSpan Work?

After a crack has been filled with Poly5000  patching compound  and allowed to dry over night, our flexible SoftCoat is applied in an 8 inch strip centered of the filled crack.  The CrackSpan 20" wide membrane is then installed the next day, centered and glued down over the the thoroughly dry SoftCoat.  CrackSpan will easily absorb the movement of a crack as wide as 2 inches without affecting the  tnnis coatings and cannot be seen or felt by the player.  The cracks are still there and are expanding and contracting slightly around the crack filler, but they are hidden and protected by the membrane.  Freezing water, dirt and dust which will cause a crack to widen over time cannot enter through the CrackSpan membrane.

What Makes CrackSpan Better Than Other Systems?

There are two key innovations we believe set CrackSpan apart from similar systems.  Number one, we provide a strong, waterproof, adhesive with our kit.  The other systems only recommend the use of a concentrated tennis court coating called 'Acrylic Resurfacer'.  Even in concentrate form it has, at least, 60% more water than our adhesive.  Less water + More Adhesive = Stronger Bond.  Our second major innovation is the use of, what we call, a soft coat between the court surface and the special CrackSpan membrane in the 8" center area.  This soft coat allows the CrackSpan membrane to stretch and contract with the crack, allowing movement of the membrane as needed.