Assuming you have read our article titled, “TO ROLL OR TO SQUEEGEE ENVIROCOAT, THAT IS THE QUESTION”, and determined rolling is the best application method for you, we will now explain how it is done.  Most of it is common sense, so I will try to be thorough without insulting your intellence.  You should use a ½ nap roller cover between 8” and 18” wide.  Use as many people as are available to roll on the coatings.  If you coating an existing court with lines, let each person paint one section at a time(i.e.  a service box, no-mans land, alley between the doubles line and the fence, etc…).

The first step is our secret, in the past given only to our customers.  It’s simply keeping a very light mist of water on the area to be painted.  This one simple technique does so much:
Gives you more time to roll the coating 
Eliminates the potential stippling effect that often occurs when rolling thick coatings like EnviroCoat in hot temperatures
Promotes a consistant even finish by minimizing the roller overlap marks where the newly rolled section merges with the previous section

 In order to use this method you must have enough leak-free garden hose to reach farthest point you plan to paint, and positioned so that you are constantly moving it towards the point where you will finish coating as you progress.  You only need to mist an area a little larger than the immediate area you will cover.  Don’t worry if a little of the mist touches the edge of the area you just painted.   You can hit it again as you roll in your current area.  When misting just slightly dampen the surface.  If there is a sheen where you sprayed that’s too much water.  Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it after a few minutes.  After you mist the next section for painting, carefully set the hose nozzle down.

First, pour a small amount of mix onto the court.  Don’t try to use a paint roller pan.  You will be applying a lot of paint and constently having to refill the pan and strip your roller This will waste your time and energy.  Move the pail behind the area you are coating and place the lid on loosely.  This will prevent a crust forming in the pail, especially on hot days.

Spread the coating around liberally until the puddle is gone.  Then roll lightly in different directions continuing to spread the paint over an ever larger area until you have an even coat.  If the roller slips through the paint in an area, as opposed to rolling, the coating is too thick and needs to be spread out farther.

Repeat this process as many times as it takes to finish the area you want to cover for the day.

While rolling is quite a bit slower than applying EnviroCoat with a squeegee, the finished product will look just as professional and you can do the work at your leisure.