Removing Various Types Of Vegetation Before Surfacing a Tennis Court

Remove Any Vegetation Growing Or Encroaching On The Court Surface: Most of this is common sense. Grass and weeds will sometimes creep through the fence onto ht the court surface. In case where this vegetation is just lying on the surface, cut it back with a weed-eater or other instrument. Where vegetation is growing up through the court you will have to cut that area out, as close to the plant as possible, remove the growth, apply a sterilant, and patch the hole. If the hole is at least an inch in diameter and deeper than an inch you should use a product similar to our DeepPatch or TruPatch

Certain strains of grass are actually able to grow right up through the asphalt, one blade at a time. Florida's "Nut Grass" is a good example. I have seen hundred of blades growing through a court many times. The cure for this is relatively simple. Place the tip of a large screwdriver right on top of the spot where the grass has popped through the asphalt, and drive it through the asphalt until you reach the base rock below. You will know you are through the asphalt when the screwdriver start to penetrate easily. Once you have punched through, remove the screwdriver and place a few drop of plant sterilant into the hole with a syringe or an eye-dropper. After the sterilized holes have been left open for a day, push a fairly loose patching compound, such as our CrackLastic, or TruPatch into the hole with a small (3 inch) putty knife and strike of even with the surrounding surface.