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EnviroFill Ready-To-Use Acrylic Resurfacer


EnviroFill Ready-To-Use Tennis Court Resurfacer Base Coating in 5 gal. pails, 30 gal. kegs, and 55 gal. drums. Convenient tennis court Resurfacer Base coating made easy for the do it yourselfer.  EnviroFill  fills the porosity of new asphalt and other rough or pitted surfaces. 1 gal. covers 40 to 100 sq. ft., based on surface texture.
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ENVIROFILL Acrylic Resurfacer is a, sand filled, 100% acrylic emulsion designed specifically for on-site mixing with water to produce a heavy bodied filler coat that reduces surface porosity of asphalt pavement and provides a uniformly textured substrate on which to apply Environmental Sport Coatings Color Coating System.


Apply over asphalt that is to be color-coated with Environmental Sport Coatings Color Coating System. 


Use a standard squeegee with a 50 to 70 durometer, flexible rubber blade up to 48” in width. 


One hour under optimum outdoor temperature and humidity conditions.  Always allow coat to thoroughly dry to it’s full depth before application of subsequent coats. 


Sand gradation may vary between 45 and 85 Mesh depending on surface conditions.  Quantities of water will vary slightly depending upon gradations of sand used.


  • ENVIROFILL – 3.5 gallons
  • Water – 1.5 gallons
  • Yield – 5 gallons
  • Mix thoroughly with suitable mixer.  Use clean potable water only. 
  • EnviroFill - 21 gallons
  • Water - 9 gallons
  • Yield - 30 gallons
  • Mix thoroughly with suitable mixer. Use clean potable water only
  • EnviroFill - 42 gallons
  • Water - 13 gallons
  • Yield - 55 gallons
  • Mix thoroughly with suitable mixer. Use clean potable water only


A typical new asphalt tennis court measuring 60’ X 120’ will require 16 – 5 gallon pails of ENVIROFILL.  Coverage is between 40 –144 square feet per gallon of concentrate.  The amount of material used will vary due to the porosity of the surface. 


The asphalt to be surfaced must be sound, and free of dirt, dust grease, mildew and other foreign matter.  New asphalt shall be allowed to cure a minimum of 14 days prior to the application of this product.  Curing time may be longer if cold or wet conditions prevail.  Areas holding more than 1/8” of water one hour after flooding shall be patched and all cracks filled with TRUPATCH before applying this product.  Apply ENVIROFILL with a rubber squeegee.  Pour windrow parallel to one of the directions of the surface.  Spread evenly by walking in one direction and then reversing the direction.  Do not “overwork” and always maintain a wet edge.  If multiple coats are applied, inspect coating and scrape off any ridges, lumps or other foreign matter and then apply a uniform coat 90º to previous coat. Follow with Environmental Sport Coatings Color-Coating System. 


Do not apply when surface temperature is below 40º F (10º C) or when rain or high humidity is imminent.  Do not apply if surface temperature is above 130º F (55º C).  Always allow coat to dry thoroughly before application of subsequent coats.  Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.  Keep from freezing.  Do not store in direct sunlight.

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EnviroFill Ready-To-Use Acrylic Resurfacer

EnviroFill Ready-To-Use Acrylic Resurfacer