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EnviroBond is an acrylic latex bonding agent applied to exposed concrete prior to application of surface coatings, promoting their adhesion.  Concrete sport surfaces should not be painted without it.  It is not necessary for previously painted concrete or asphalt. Yield 1 - 5 gal. pail covers 1500 sq. ft. of concrete 
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EnviroBond is a clear, one-component polymer designed to facilitate the adhesion of acrylic coatings on Portland cement concrete recreational surfaces.


EnviroBond is intended to enhance the adhesion of acrylic products to various base substrates. Priming of asphalt surfaces is only necessary if existing asphalt is too badly weathered to establish a strong bond with the Acrylic Resurfacer. EnviroBond  is compatible with all Environmental Sport Coatings.

New Portland cement concrete surfaces must be fully cured a minimum of 28 days prior to application of any Enviromental Sport Coatings products. After 28 days, new concrete must be acid-etched with either phosphoric or muriatic acid. Application may begin thereafter.

The surface on which EnviroBond is to be applied must be broom finished, free of dirt, loose or flaking paint, oily materials or chemical residues, vegetation of any sort and any other debris or foreign matter that may prevent the proper product adhesion. Thoroughly rout existing cracks of dirt, debris and loose impediments. Cracks should be blown clean with an air compressor or pressure-washer. Areas holding water for more than one hour after a rain should be leveled.  Consult specifications for Super Patch Binder and/or SuperPatch Kit for patching information.

EnviroBond comes ready to apply. Only gentle stirring is necessary. DO NOT DILUTE.

Apply Primer with a brush, or roller being careful to get a good coating in voids and other surface irregularities. Do not allow EnviroBond to pool or puddle in low spots. 

EnviroBond should be coverered with the first coat of base or color-coating as soon as it is dry to the touch (usually less than 2 hours)  Under no circumstances should EnviroBond be left uncovered overnight. 

The undiluted coverage rate is approximately 300 square feet per gallon.

All equipment can be cleaned with water if clean-up occurs immediately after application.

EnviroBond is limited to application on Portland cement concrete recreational surfaces.

No part of the construction involving the Environmental Sport Coatings Surfacing System should be conducted during rainfall, or when rain is imminent. The air temperature must be at least 50ºF and rising. Do not apply when surface temperature is above 130ºF.

Do not dilute.  Dilution can cause failure of the coating.

Drying times are retarded by high humidity, cool temperatures or lack of air movement. This is particularly important to note when installing indoors, where all three factors are often very pronounced.

EnviroBond is a water-based acrylic system and it must be kept from freezing during storage and transit. 

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EnviroBond Concrete Adhesion Promoter

EnviroBond Concrete Adhesion Promoter